Check Out Our Facility

Our students’ health and well-being are our priority!  We have installed 2 REMI-HALO in-duct air purification systems.  These treat every cubic inch of the air conditioned and heated air, killing 99% of bacteria, mold and viruses. We use the quality hand sanitizers, disinfectants and cleaning supplies for the safety of our dancers.  We take every step to provide the best and safest dance classes possible.    We also know that dance provides social, emotional, mental and health benefits that are vital to your children!!

Our facility is located in Paramus, NJ.  It is conveniently located at 176 Route 17 North, just past the Suburban Diner, in the JR strip mall. Our main entrance is in the rear of the building and the studio is on the 2nd floor, above Tiger Schulmann’s.  You will enjoy the easy drop off and 145 parking spaces.  The modern facility has a lobby, waiting area, dancer lounge and dressing area, kitchenette, homework station, bathrooms, and two dance rooms.  Each dance room is equipped with floating wood sub floors, providing the proper energy absorption, lateral foot support and resiliency that is needed to prevent injury and train properly.  The surface you see in each dance room is Stagestep professional flooring, which provides the proper finish for all our dance disciplines.