Good attendance is important for the student and the rest of the class.  Missed classes may be made up by attending a similar level class on the schedule.  Missed classes will not be pro-rated and cannot be made up in lieu of tuition.  Classes missed, when the studio is closed for scheduled closings, are not included in the tuition and are not made up.

Class Placement

Class placement is important and Center Stage Dance Studio will determine the proper class level for all students. Students are placed according to experience, ability and age. It may be necessary to try a student in more than one level of a class in order to determine the proper placement.

Dress Code

It is mandatory that students wear the proper dance attire to class. The appropriate
color and type, of bodywear and footwear, will be advised upon registering.

  1. In general, Terrific Toddler and Mini Mover female students wear pink leotards, while all other female students wear black dancewear.
  2. Male students wear black dance pants and white t-shirts.
  3. All classes require dance shoes. Please see the registration page for specific class requirements.
  4. It is mandatory that students wear the proper dance attire to class. Students will not be permitted to take class without it. If a student is not dressed properly, they will be asked to observe the class.
  5. All students must wear long hair in a ponytail braid or bun. Ballet students must wear hair in a bun.
  6. No jewelry should be worn to class.
  7. Leotards must be a solid color, without large colored pictures on them.
  8. Loose t-shirts, boxer shorts, pajamas, jeans or stiff tutus are not permitted in any class.

Studio Behavior

In order to achieve the best learning environment and comfort for all students and families, it is important that the following studio rules be followed:

  1. Students should arrive no earlier than 15 minutes prior to the start of their scheduled class and must be picked up promptly at the end of class.
  2. Do not leave unattended siblings at the studio.
  3. Students should be on time and prepared for class.
  4. If a student arrives late for class, she/he may be asked to observe the class, due to missing part of the warm-up.
  5. Make sure your child uses the bathroom before class.
  6. Proper behavior is expected before, during and after class.
  7. Cell phones are not permitted in the dance rooms.
  8. Picture and video taking is prohibited in the studio.
  9. Street shoes may not be worn in the dance rooms.
  10. Students only are allowed into the dance rooms.
  11. The studios are equipped with cameras and classes are shown live on the waiting room tv.
  12. Cameras are on according to the posted schedule and will not be put on by request.
  13. Gum is not allowed in the studio.
  14. We understand that some children are on schedules, where they will need to eat between classes: students can eat in the student lounge area designated for eating and be sure to clean up.
  15. Drinks are permitted in the waiting area.
  16. Please clean up any mess made.
  17. Please keep the waiting area, student lounge and dressing area neat and clean for the enjoyment of others.
  18. Students may bring water bottles into the dance room; only water will be allowed into the dance room.
  19. Put your name on the inside of all shoes.
  20. Center Stage Dance Studio Inc. is not responsible for any lost articles of clothing or personal belongings.
  21. Personal toys will not be allowed into the dance room.

Inclement Weather & School Closings

In case of inclement weather, an email will be sent if classes are cancelled. Inclement weather and emergency closings are treated as absences and make up classes can be arranged. No refunds will be made.

The school will be closed on the days indicated on the school calendar. These dates have been figured into the tuition and are not made up.

Tuition & Payment Policies
(for rates see Tuition under the About Us tab)

Tuition Policies

  1. Registration and tuition payments must be made prior to attending class.
  2. Registration and tuition payments may be made by check, cash or credit card (Mastercard, Visa or American Express)
  3. There is a $30 service charge for returned checks.
  4. There is a $10 late fee per month for any payment made 7 days after the due date.
  5. Registration at Center Stage Dance Studio Inc., for full season classes, is a financial commitment to the end of the season (May 11, 2024).
  6. Tuition will not be refunded for absences from class.


Full Season Classes
If for any reason, the student decides to withdraw from the program, the studio must be notified by email.  Emailed withdrawals received on or before September 24, 2023, will be refunded 100% of tuition paid.  Emailed withdrawals received after September 24, 2023 will be charged $25.00 per class enrolled, per week, from September 18, 2023 until the date the written withdrawal is received.  The student will then be refunded for any amount due or charged for any amount owed.  There will be no tuition refunds made after December 1, 2023.  There are no refunds for recital costumes, tickets or ordered merchandise.